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Welcome and namaste!

The purpose of Truth and Power is to run programs to facilitate each person finding their own unique truth, to stand in their power and facilitate the life journey of self realisation. I run a number of programs including:

Boys2Men (boys and men only) - the beginning of a quest to a healthy manhood

Future Warrior (men only) - the Sacred Path for a male to find out who he truly is 

Healing Retreats (for all) - a journey of body, mind and spirit

Consultations (for all) - Soul and River-of-life readings and healings - 90 min sessions at Avoca Beach.

Vision Quests (for all) - a desert odyssey of self discovery

The Shamanic Practice Course (for all) - for those interested travelling the ancient path of a Shamanic Healer

Sweat Lodge - public sweat lodge is conducted at 930am on the first Sunday of each month at Avoca Beach, numbers are restricted so please book ahead via the email address below



Orion is an initiated shaman in the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society www.sotems.com.au and also provides individual consultations as well as runs a monthly fire circle meditation program that targets life issues.

Orion can be contacted This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


More about the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society (SOTEMS)



The Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society (SOTEMS) is a community organisation, which offers you the opportunity to participate in a great experiment. It involves: 

  1. Creating an Australian spirituality
  2. Creating a healing community
  3. Creating new kinds of effective human relationships
  4. Creating new pathways for personal, spiritual fulfilment
  5. Creating new learning experiences in the healing arts, in theatre, in community building
  6. Drawing together the healing knowledge and practices of all cultures