About Orion


I commenced my journey into adulthood as a Combat Engineer Officer in the Australian Army. In my mid thirties I had a spirit illness/epifany that altered the course of my life. In this new life direction I have been blessed to have had three profound teachers: Richard Running Deer a Southern Ute Medicine Man, Dickie Miniytiri a Pitjantjatjara Nungkri (shaman) and the esteemed and renowned Dr Rafael Locke, a visiting professor to the University of Virginia and initiated shaman in two different indigenous cultures.

I am trained in both Australian Aboriginal and Native American Ways and I am an initiated shaman in the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society (www.sotems.com.au) and I have a degree in Metaphysical Science (University of Sedona, US).

All aspects of my work are based on healing, which can be on a physical, emotional and/or soul level. In all instances I use ritual to enter my clients’ soul landscape to see/read what is happening at this level – this can show what is in need of healing. I also conduct river-of-life reading - checking on my clients health.

Flowing from the soul reading, there often is a need for a further ritual healing to deal with anger, invalidation, resentment, depression, grief, unworthiness or conducting remote healing for that special loved one in need, who cannot be present.

I specialise in healing those who have suffered from emotional trauma including Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I am also a “Death Walker”. In this capacity I work on a soul level with people who have died and are stuck in the void - usually for those who have experienced a violent death or who have suicided - to reunite them with their soul family.

I also provide individual consultations, including via Skype sessions, for more information please contact me at orion@truthandpower.com.au

Blessings on your journey