Frequently Asked Questions

A Shaman is somebody who has undertaken a long apprenticeship (14 years in my case) and undergone at least one ordeal/initiation. Someone who acts as a bridge between the shamanic world and the modern world borrowing the medicine and wisdom to bring healing and balance.
A shaman is a healer - healing the body, heart, mind and soul.
The origin of the word is from the Tungus people of northern Siberia, it means "one who knows".
Before you arrive I check in to see "what I need to know". Upon arrival I share what I have "found" with you. We then discuss and focus on what you would like healed - made better. From here we go to the Medicine Wheel in the forest where I do a soul and river-of-life reading - which supplements the healing. The healing ritual is then conducted and completed. The reading details are shared and discussed. Finally a go forward strategy is agreed to and implemented. All this takes between 60-90 minutes.
As an initiated Shaman it is my function to effect healing, to "make things better". Cures, however, are between the client and the soul. Whilst cures are sometimes realised in the shamanic process, curing is not within the domain of the shaman. Healing the mind and/or the soul can have a profound effect on the chemistry of the body.
Neutralising curses are very much the domain of the shaman. Curses tend to be culturally based and can be projected at an intended victim from anywhere in the world.
Yes. There are several different approaches to healing these states of being.
This is where the person is geographically apart from the healing. For example a clients mother-in-law was ill with cancer in Canada. A remote healing ritual was conducted in Australia for her. There is no distance between hearts. She is now in remission.

Rock of Emotion (anxiety, depression, the Mother/Father Wound)

Possession (clearing negative entities)

Death Walking (for the deceased loved stuck in the void)

House and landing clearance

Remote healing (healing for an absent love one)

Awakening (for those struggling with life)

Foundation of Life (to connect with all that is)

Mortuary (for that loved one has passed)

Fertility (for those swishing to get pregnant)

Grieving and Forgiveness (dealing with grief, sorrow and sadness)

Anger (enough said)