Future Warrior

The Sacred Path for a male to find out who he truly is. In times gone by a man realised his power by becoming a warrior. A warrior was defined by who he was and what he did, not by what he said.

Future Warrior

In that process life's purpose is for a man to experience as many aspects of himself as possible - to experience and master the wide range of emotions on offer including experiencing and managing the emotions of anger, grief, abandonment, etc. To embrace the story of his life and then to consciously stand in that story i.e. the winner, the loser, the hero, the villain, the giver, the taker, the intimidator, the aloof, the interrogator, the poor me and so on. Having experienced his life - the opportunity then is to transcend the emotion of his story and embrace the Warrior spirit, that all men have within.

What defines the Future Warrior?

A Future Warrior is a man that:

  • understands his story
  • sees the lessons coming from his story
  • is in search of the warriors heart
  • seeks his own approval
  • stands in his power as Warrior
  • takes the Warrior's oath

Are you in search of the warrior within - that person that stands in his power, who only needs his own approval? This 3 day experiential program is about finding that warrior.

This is a process of individual empowerment.

Monthly Men's Fire Circle

On completion of the course Men are welcome to join this Men's Fire Circle which meets monthly at Avoca Beach.

Where: Elebanah Forest Avoca Beach
Contact: orion@truthandpower.com.au 0418 252 058
Other: This activity is restricted to 10 participants
When: The next Future Warrior Program is 8/9/10 November 2019.
Cost: $695 - this is a not for profit activity
Inclusions: Activity, tent accommodation, transfers to and from Gosford Station and all (7) bush meals