The Emergence Retreat

Did you feel safe as a child ? If the answer is no, then your sub conscious will be negatively attuned. This will make forming and maintaining relationships difficult and complicate the journey of life

Energetically this is a wound - and as in the wild - a wound will attract the predators, which often is the source of domestic violence.

"Your will hear many words in the journey of life and remember few. However, you will never forget how someone made you feel" Zen

The Emergence Retreat is a somatic process to release Physioneurosis (trauma) from the body and bring you into positive attunement i.e. at peace with yourself and the world.


When the body leads .... the heart and mind follow.

About PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of many mental illnesses. By definition, a PTSD is preceded by one or more stressful events of extraordinary magnitude or catastrophic extent (psychic trauma). The threat does not necessarily have to be directed at one's own person, but can also be observed and experienced as witness (for example as a witness of a serious accident or a violent act). PTSD usually occurs within half a year after the traumatic event and is associated with various mental and psychosomatic symptoms. Frequently in the course of a PTSD even further comorbidities and complaints occur (in up to 90% of cases). Often, in addition to the typical PTSD underlying symptoms of autonomic overexcitability and the reliving of traumatic memories (or memory fragments), there is also a feeling of "emotional deafness" (numbing) and helplessness, and a trauma of the ego and world understanding experience.

The 4 Step Elebanah Healing Process

In many ways this is the classical Hero's Journey - into the abyss of life and back ....

Step 1 - Your Story (including Soul and River-of-Life reading)

Step 2 - The Wound (emotional, psychological, sexual, moral, soul)

Step 3 - The Return (a powerful process of return to trust and safety)

Step 4 - The Re-Connection (arriving back)

4 Day Intensive

The 4 Step weekend retreat starts 4 pm on a Friday and concludes around mid morning on Monday. Each morning - over a hot cup of tea - dreams (sub conscious) are analysed. During the time you will sleep in a water and bug proof swag in the Grandfather Dreaming Wheel in the forest and utilise the bush shower and toilet. Basic meals are provided.

When the body leads .... the heart and mind will follow.