Vision Quests

Desert odyssey of self discovery. The Vision Quest is one of the most powerful and enduring experiences which is available to us in our contemporary society.

Vision Quests

This is a seven day experiential SOTEMS masterpiece that takes in the central desert vision quest in the area of the primal sea, geological the oldest region on the planet - in the Northern Territory of Australia - literally where life began!

More about the Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is one of the most powerful and enduring experiences which is available to us in our contemporary society. It is an opportunity to step outside of all the routines of everyday life and see one’s self and one’s life through a new set of lenses. Drawing upon the ritual and traditions of indigenous cultures from around the world, and framed by the spiritual landscape of Australia, the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society takes each participant into the wilderness to encounter the opening of a personal, spiritual pathway, a cleansing and renewal so that each may return regenerated. There are few opportunities like this within our contemporary society wherein we can step out of everyday life and submit ourselves to a process which clears our horizons. It is a peerless experience.

The Vision Quest involves:

  • A meditation in nature, alone, within a medicine wheel
  • It occurs in a place which speaks to you and you alone
  • It spans three days and nights
  • It requires the discipline of fasting and diminished sleep
  • It involves facing the east each morning as the sun crosses the horizon so that Spirit may speak and renew you
  • You are given songs and meditations which enrich and focus your vigil and search
  • It begins and ends with the traditional purification of the sweat lodge ceremony
  • There is the opportunity to share your story and to have your personal needs for integration of the experience met
  • It is, overall, a ceremony of transition and renewal

For one week before the quest proper begins, you will be required to do daily meditations. Once you are registered for the quest, the details of these practices will be supplied to you.

Throughout and beyond the vigil, you are supported by highly trained, professional personnel from the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society

The Vision Quest leader

I work with my teacher, friend and mentor, the legendary Dr. Rafael Locke who is also an initiated shaman and medicine person and who has worked with healers and shamans in many cultures. He has been conducting Vision Quests for over 30 years. Amongst many qualifications Rafael has PhD’s in Psychology and Anthropology and is also a doctor of medicine.


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