Shamanic Consultations

A shamanic consultation includes a Soul Reading as well as River-of-Life Reading. This is to check on what is happening with you on a soul level and also your general state of health. These sessions last around 60 mins and are conducted in my dreaming wheel in Elebanah forest.

Shamanic Consultations

A Zen master once said "you will hear many words in your life and remember few, but you will never forget how somebody made you feel".

Unlike any other healing modality, Shamanism focuses also on the journey of the soul. From a shamanic perspective, illness can arise when an imbalance of forces has occurred in our lives. After shock-like, traumatic events can cause part of the soul to split off from us, resulting in a anxiety, depression - a loss of life force.

Shamanic consultation is about going to the "seat" of the trauma - which can also emanate from ancestral lines, healing the trauma and re-integrating lost energy. I work in the immediate "here and now" and use ritual and telekinesis to heal.

Soul Reading

A Soul Reading is based the presence of the soul and can have its own agenda and purpose. Soul Reading is a direct communication with your soul. The Soul Reading is the first check to the path to healing.

A Soul Reading can help you gain deep insights and clarity about the origins of many different problem areas of your life. Typically, a reading of the soul can help you identify the causes of physical pain in your body and emotional blockage in your life.

River-of-Life Reading

The river is a beautiful analogy for our life. Life flows like a river. It indicates your state-of-health and provides guidance on what may be required to attain better health. It can also be a metaphor for the future and what may lie ahead on life's journey.