Melbourne Oct 2018

Thank you for your email, I'm travelling well after the healing.

Floated all the way home haha feeling so much lighter. In the car on the way home from airport, not having discussed anything with my partner at that point, he made the comment that I looked a lot lighter. It's clearly radiating from within.

Orion, I feel blessed to have come to you for healing. My perspective has shifted, my fears mostly dissipated, and I don't believe I have ever felt so connected to myself, and to spirit. My awareness has gone to a whole other level, and I truly feel oneness, that connection with all.

I am feeling strong and inspired, excited about life, no apprehension. I have been a spectator of life for such a long time, I am done with that. It's time for action, it's time to participate.

Thank you again Orion, you have helped me beyond words.