Palm Beach, Queensland, January 2016

Shamanic Practice provides a powerful foundation for incorporating earth based ritual into our daily lives and healing journeys, and a strong cosmology to assist us in navigating our own path. It is a cherished journey into self, supported by the beauty of earth and community.

Somewhere along the line I had been overtaken by ego, fronting a face that was not mine and not true to my heart. With the support and strength of Orion, ritual guided me back to myself, to a connection with beauty and a connection with the land. Through the support of Orion and those who journeyed with me, I learnt to open my heart and receive from those around me- something I was conditioned not to do. My lessons continue, my journey unfolds, but I am truly grateful for what I have learnt about myself and for the beautiful and powerful rituals I now include in my role as a healer.