Being in this programme has been a journey in time and an experience of timelessness. We have walked the path of very ancient wise people, cultures, mythes and been touched by their souls. All this ancient knowledge is brought to "now" and to our consciousness, found within by self realization.

This is like seeing the universe within yourself through your experience of self exploration and by the unique readings of the program. Each module and its readings have been an opening to a different World in time and within.

In a synchronistical way, the program guided me through the life transitions I was going through. It did not only bring knowledge but wisdom and something valuable needed to fit someplace very deep within; an increasing ability of connecting and sharing.. love.

Also, Orion's teachings are direct and clear. So much is said by saying less, I remember before enrolment that I asked him "How would one know that he is called into this path?" and he responded "Listen to your heart". I soon realized actually the journey started at that moment by "listening". I look back now, and see a growth that may be gained in a lifetime but also appears to be just a moment in time.

The best part of it is that all of this knowledge and growth is, by the teachings of the programme, shared with others as healing and there is no ego in it.

It is brilliant, joyful and peaceful for all.

(English is my second language)

Darwin and Istanbul, June 2015