June 2021

I'm not sure I can truly convey my gratitude towards Orion, his community and the beautiful rituals that took place.

After spending most of my life in and out of hospital, never having been away from hospital for longer than 2yrs, I was have been on a path of healing for 10+ years. Still bouncing in and out of hospital with 3 surgeries just 6mths before seeing Orion, I was done and out and feeling incredibly depleted.

I spent 3 days with Orion working through a lot of "stuck" emotional trauma.

I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted, physically feeling much less pain and a whole lot more energy, I didn't actually realise that I no longer smiled with my whole self, I now do. It's so lovely to hear friends and family comment on my smile and internal glow again.

Forever grateful to you Orion and this magical journey.

Thanks Orion, I really do feel great