Nicole Bondi

I had been suffering with spirit illness and living in a cold dark place caused from childhood abuse, neglect and repeated adult traumas.

When the PTSD retreat was complete I felt softness through my body, more connected and grounded with energy flowing from my belly.

My true essence that was lost in the abuse and overshadowed by the possessing spirits is starting to surface. It’s like a part of me and my psyche has returned.

The release of the main possessing spirit causing my suffering is monumental - its absence has truly highlighted the terror and intensity of the suffering I was living through.

There was a special connection to spirit facilitated during the healing which made the experience profound and my totem is now with me keeping me safe.

Everyday I’m peeling away layers and the healing continues. I’m functioning from a more wholesome place.

I feel like I can start to realign with my life’s purpose.

I will be forever grateful to Orion - he has set me on my path to freedom!

14 Sep 18