Susan M


When I decided to gather a few friends and head to New Mexico last September for Orion’s healing retreat, I knew that I felt as though my life was in a rut. I am a successful career person, good mom, wife, friend and daughter. I am always trying to be there for everyone and at times, I let doing things for myself take a back seat. I am also a two time cancer survivor. My second diagnosis came just a couple of months before the retreat was to begin. “Perfect!” I thought. “I can attend Orion’s retreat and focus on healing my body… ridding it of this stupid cancer.”

My friends and family had decided to join me on this adventure not only to support me in my quest to heal my body, but also to exercise a few of their own demons. We all have them. Some of our “issues” have become so firmly ingrained that they feel as though they are part of us. Something we just have to accept.

Over a five day period, each of us explored our inner selves. Orion guided us in meditations each morning, met with each of us individually to uncover areas of “dis-ease” and to offer guidance on how to “un-stick” ourselves. Each evening, one of us would share our story.

I gained so much from this experience. I learned that healing is hard. This work isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes courage and commitment to honestly look inward and make a commitment to yourself to live your truth.

Orion is the best guide for this work. His training is outstanding. His kindness, warmth and emotional intelligence made each of us feel safe and comfortable. He guided each of us in different ways, knowing which path would be most effective.

I will certainly participate in another retreat with Orion someday. In the meantime, I continue to put into practice what I learned in Santa Fe.

Oh, and my cancer is gone.

Safe travels