Valentina Mathias, Master Healer, Teacher & Meditation Specialist

NSW, November 2014

I booked into my Personal Shamanic Journey with Orion knowing I had something to shift but not sure what it would be; I was tired of feeling nauseous without actually having any real physical ailments.

The healings I received from Orion in person when I arrived, spiritually during the sleep-out and again in-person before I left were very powerful. They are personal so I am not going into details except to say that I am so relieved and grateful that all the sadness and anger and resentment was carrying have been released from my life. In between my personal overnight shamanic journey and the follow-up session (which I requested a week later) I completely re-designed my business website and attracted substantially more interest which has since converted into increased financial flow.

I find now I am confident of my success and I naturally take time to enjoy moments of peace and tranquillity in my everyday life, without reminding myself to do so, it just happens. Also, familial relationships that needed to be re-defined have sorted themselves out without any drama or extra effort on my behalf.

I would like to add is that as a woman I felt completely safe and supported by Orion Shaman. Although some of the shamanic process is hands on healing I did not at any time feel my personal space was invaded; I have full confidence in his abilities as a practitioner and put full trust in him. As a healer I have had the extra benefit of being able to see him in his shamanic spirit self and feel and see the energetic fields he is moving, re-leasing, re-aligning and re-invigorating in my physical and energetic bodies and I can tell you that he is the real deal.