22nd Aug 2017

My name is Wayne and I will try and keep this brief.

In 2010 my life was normal and generally happy until I lost a multimillion dollar business, a professional business person most of my working life. This is the year my life slowly got ripped apart, I was made bankrupt for a very large sum of money, the family home and the family stability was gutted, everything I had built up over 20 years evaporated.

Finally I lost my marriage, but not my beautiful children!

I was needle dependant during my late teenage years and somehow pulled through and got on with life until 20 years later when I again self destructed after the huge losses.
In 2011, I returned to needle, followed by 4 long years of a daily ice addiction, which saw me lose whatever else was left in my life, family, friends, and so and so on. A number of times only minutes away from death!

18 months after picking up the needle I was sent to jail for my crimes, and spent this time in maximum security. Before that I was a normal member of the community, where did my life go??
I have spent the past 3 years trying many things, trying to rebuild a shattered life. With a recent relapse I was now on a mission to completely self destruct, devastating myself, my beautiful new partner, my family and my friends once again.

My children visited me for my birthday recently to find me in a horrific state. That day I have just put countless amounts of ice into my veins, I had holes the size of ten cents pieces in my hands, thanks to the ice. My body was in tremendous pain and fighting severe infection from my self-mutilation.
Through desperation my children searched the web and found Orion! In consultation with my partner they booked me in (2nd,3rd,4th June) to go and see this incredible man. He mentioned that he had a course happening, but with such short notice he made it happen!!

For that I will never forget.

I had no idea what I was in for, all I knew I had to go. We spent the 3 days working through the healing process and I was fortunate that this weekend Orion had a number of his students there, graduating and they all selflessly participated in my healing. I am not religious and have never been a spiritual person. These people saved my life!!! They gave my life back to me and it was the most profound experience in my life (excluding the arrival on my 2 beautiful children).

This experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life, every day I reflect on this journey.

Orion I thank you, to the students I thank you. I am alive again, drug free but for the first time in 49 years I’m free of all my shit!

Can’t wait for the next sweat lodge and will be coming down from Queensland to attend!

Orion, words will never be enough to describe my thanks, see you soon!