December 2018

I believe that the words that came out of my mouth after the second last shamanic ritual were "That was fucking amazing!"

It has now been a week since the retreat and even though I've had a few up and down moments since then, I've handled the lows without turning to alcohol which used to be my go to every time anxiety hit.

Orion has enforced it into me through his wisdom and healing rituals that there's nothing wrong with me or having the low day on occasion. I am still able to see the light even when I'm having an off day. Instead of beating up myself over it and then my headspace going into a downward spiral for days on end, I have now the power to love and accept me even on my shit days by acknowledging that it's just my ego trying to get the better of me. And that is so empowering!

I went in there with no expectations but with an intention. And that was to come out with direction, clarity and purpose.

And that is exactly what I gained from the experience plus more...

I have also developed an appreciation for community life which I have never been able to do before. In fact, the thought of letting people too close to me in a community sense, made me as anxious as fuck. I've been a lone wolf pretty much all of my life and always struggled fitting in.

I was fortunate enough to see Orion on a weekend where he was training students in Shamanic healing so I had the privilege of spending time with people that were like minded. There were no egos, there was no judgement and ridicule and certainly no small talk about the weather. It was a weekend enriched with deep meaningful conversations, sharing experiences and learning from one another.

My connection with spirit, mother earth and indigenous culture is now deeper than ever before. In fact, I'm already planning on my next business venture to incorporate all three into it so that I can spend my "working" days engrossed with what makes me happy, content and living a life of purpose for the greater good. And this excites me!

The retreat is set in on a massive property where the trees are alive and home to over 50 species of birdlife. You wake up through the night to a sky full of sparkling stars, a forest full of life while you lay content in wonder and bewilderment in your cosy swag.

As far as the actual rituals are concerned, OMG, so effective! Orion uses different ritual practices on different people depending on what they need so my experience of the actual healing rituals will probably be different to the next. Therefore I'm not going to delve into detail about them as half the experience of doing the retreat is to go into the unknown without any expectations or knowledge of what you're about to endure. But I can assure you, its going to be life changing!

Forget turning to psychologists, motivational and spiritual books, go straight to the source. Source is in all of us and sometimes you need someone like Orion to help you realize it.

All the best...