Ursus School of Shamanism

Is this ancient path calling you? Are you looking for an introduction to Shamanism?

Ursus School of Shamanism

About Shamanic practice

Shamanic practice is one of the unique creations of human beings, arising out of millennia of evolution. It is woven out of the threads of knowledge of the human condition, healing and the celebration of life in the face of adversity. It has contributed to our survival as a species and to the generation of a spiritual perspective which allows us to develop awareness of the nature of the journey through life and the resources we can discover to illuminate this journey. The spiritual aspect of shamanism lies in the recognition of our part in the domains of all life, all beings, nature itself. Shamans remind us of the sacredness of life, our responsibilities to each other in the greater human community and the power of healing to transcend the failings of the body, mind and  society. It reaches into the soul of our being and expresses outward in the practices of ritual, myth, healing and creation of new pathways into the future.

Each person can find their place in the world, in spirit and nature (one and the same) and effect changes in themselves and others which enhance wisdom, insight, new forms of intelligence and a personal path.

An application of Shamanism today is using ancient rituals to heal trauma, including PTSD. This program is affiliated with www.wyla.org.au where graduates become eligible to assist with Wyla Wellness programs.

Shamanic training workshops

Shamanic training program facilitates the development of knowledge and skills which serve both personal and spiritual development, as well as professional practice competencies.

5 x 4 day workshops each around 8 weeks apart are conducted in the Elebanah Forest at Avoca Beach (1hr north of Sydney). The next course commences 10-13 Feb 2022.

More importantly what is offered is entry into a non judgemental supportive community where we travel together as like minded souls walking the ancient path of shamanic practitioners.

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