I'm a couple days away from being back with my beautiful family. I left Shaman Orion's house and land today. I can't begin to tell you how deep we went into shifting my PTSD/whole entire reality!. Orion has changed my life and I feel full of love, gratitude, excitement, inner strength and most of all love for myself. I have also participated in making this change with every ounce of life I have in me. There is no half way. It's a decision we all have to make in life and when we make that decision we must follow through all the way.

Melbourne November 2017

My name is Wayne and I will try and keep this brief.

In 2010 my life was normal and generally happy until I lost a multimillion dollar business, a professional business person most of my working life. This is the year my life slowly got ripped apart, I was made bankrupt for a very large sum of money, the family home and the family stability was gutted, everything I had built up over 20 years evaporated.

Finally I lost my marriage, but not my beautiful children!

Avoca Beach NSW 23 August 2017

"When the student is ready, the Master appears." Buddhist Proverb

Berkeley Vale, NSW, June 2015

Being in this programme has been a journey in time and an experience of timelessness. We have walked the path of very ancient wise people, cultures, mythes and been touched by their souls. All this ancient knowledge is brought to "now" and to our consciousness, found within by self realization.

This is like seeing the universe within yourself through your experience of self exploration and by the unique readings of the program. Each module and its readings have been an opening to a different World in time and within.

Darwin and Istanbul, June 2015

Orion is a fantastic teacher. This course gives a grounded and practical introduction to the ancient world of shamanism. It gives you the tools to change your life and that of others. Stepping into your power isn't always an easy ride but Orion is a compassionate guide for transformation.

Warners Bay, New South Wales, May 2015

Orion has been my teacher on this spiritual path and guided me for the last year. Through this time my life changed dramatically into a new happy direction. From being a tired and frustrated mum I have found a way to embrace life and enjoy myself and my family. Orion gave me through his teachings a new way of looking at life and with his knowledge, wisdom, patience and understanding he helped me to be who I now am. I highly recommend the course of shamanic practitioner because I could not only see changes in me but also in the others who did the course.

Balingup, Western Australia, May 2015