I run a number of programs including:

  • Future Warrior

    The Sacred Path for a male to find out who he truly is

    In times gone by a man realised his power by becoming a warrior. A warrior was defined by who he was and what he did, not by what he said.

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  • Consultations

    The 4 Step weekend retreat starts 4 pm on a Friday and concludes around mid morning on Monday.

    The Emergence Retreat is a somatic process to release Physioneurosis (trauma) from the body and bring you into positive attunement i.e. at peace with yourself and the world.

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  • Ursus School of Shamanism

    Is this ancient healing path calling you?

    Shamanic practice is one of the unique creations of human beings, arising out of millennia of evolution.

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  • Grief and Suicide

    The natural passing of a loved one is always difficult and grief is always part of that process.

    This is a 4 stage Emergence Program facilitated in the Elebanah forest at Avoca Beach, over a period of 3 days.

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  • Ayahuasca

    The vine of the soul, a powerful ritual.

    When expertly applied, participants can ingest Aya and experience a transition into a world where a new and different perspective.

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