Healing Retreats

I'm not sure I can truly convey my gratitude towards Orion, his community and the beautiful rituals that took place.

After spending most of my life in and out of hospital, never having been away from hospital for longer than 2yrs, I was have been on a path of healing for 10+ years. Still bouncing in and out of hospital with 3 surgeries just 6mths before seeing Orion, I was done and out and feeling incredibly depleted.

I spent 3 days with Orion working through a lot of "stuck" emotional trauma.

I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted, physically feeling much less…

June 2021

I had a deep sadness and fear within me, years of suffering and pain from many traumas I had endured over my life time. I sought out psychiatrists, psychologists, had years of medication, and countless diagnoses, I tried DBT, EMDR, yet gained little relief. I turned to meditation, Reiki, crystals and plant medicine, and realised I had to remove these blockages; that prevented me from living my full abundant life, that is my birthright, my true essence.O had looked into how I could benefit from a Shamanic healing and went looking for a Shaman. I discovered Orion, and instinctively was drawn…

29 Dec 20

I had been suffering with spirit illness and living in a cold dark place caused from childhood abuse, neglect and repeated adult traumas.

When the PTSD retreat was complete I felt softness through my body, more connected and grounded with energy flowing from my belly.

My true essence that was lost in the abuse and overshadowed by the possessing spirits is starting to surface. It’s like a part of me and my psyche has returned.

The release of the main possessing spirit causing my suffering is monumental - its absence has truly highlighted the terror and intensity of the…

14 Sep 18

Thank you so much for the healings.

I came to you with PTSD symptoms unable to go out in public on my own, having body tremors 24 hours a day which affected my speech, convulsions at night, nightmares and I was on suicide watch. My days were spent either in bed or on the couch on high alert listening out for danger. I could not do any house chores because if my attention was moved to the task at hand I felt like I was in danger of attack. I had just been prescribed Seroquel (anti-psychotic) and it was a difficult thing to accept as I don't even like taking panadol.

I am…

Central Coast, July 2016

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with Orion, and would love to share my experience with anyone thinking exploring this for themselves.

The last 3 years I have had adrenal fatigue and have only been existing and not much else. Just prior to Christmas last year I had to resign as I was no longer able to carry out duties required as a support worker. I experienced a heaviness that felt like I was carrying the weight of the world. Anyone with chronic or adrenal fatigue will understand what I say when I say it’s like walking through mud. Even holding my head upright some days was an…

May 2020

Pete's PTSD Testimonial

I came to Orion 3.5 years into recovery from ice addiction, I'd previously tried all therapies available (medications, c.b.t, d.b,t, e.f.t. meditation, journaling, art therapies, music therapies, counselling etc) without much success. I had PTSD from my childhood followed by a life of living on the edge. I have served in the Army including a tour of East Timor.

I arrived at Elebanah and was met with compassion, empathy and fortunate to be among a community of healers training under Orion. I was surrounded by nature and given time to…

August 2019

Words cannot describe the feeling of freedom and release I feel.

Inner peace, joy, love, safety and trust are only a few words that describe the journey at Elebanah with Orion. Having completed many workshops and healing modalities, this has to be the most connected and profound journey I have ever experienced.

To feel the connection from within brings me to such deep love and gratitude. And so it is my journey and it continues with love, peace and joy.


August 2019

After suffering the loss of my dearest soul mate of 35 years, the grief and anxiety I was suffering was overwhelming for me. After speaking with Orion on the phone for a short time he made me feel very comfortable and felt he was the right fit for me. Suffering anxiety l travelled from Perth WA for a weekend retreat at Elebanah NSW, which was a big deal for me.

Orion used caring processes in a serene environment which resulted in profound shifts for me, removing some old emotional baggage and made the grieving 10 x easier for me. I will be seeking his help some more in the future. I…

May 2019

Thank you for your email, I'm travelling well after the healing.

Floated all the way home haha feeling so much lighter. In the car on the way home from airport, not having discussed anything with my partner at that point, he made the comment that I looked a lot lighter. It's clearly radiating from within.

Orion, I feel blessed to have come to you for healing. My perspective has shifted, my fears mostly dissipated, and I don't believe I have ever felt so connected to myself, and to spirit. My awareness has gone to a whole other level, and I truly feel oneness, that connection…

Melbourne Oct 2018

I believe that the words that came out of my mouth after the second last shamanic ritual were "That was fucking amazing!"

It has now been a week since the retreat and even though I've had a few up and down moments since then, I've handled the lows without turning to alcohol which used to be my go to every time anxiety hit.

Orion has enforced it into me through his wisdom and healing rituals that there's nothing wrong with me or having the low day on occasion. I am still able to see the light even when I'm having an off day. Instead of beating up myself over it and then my…

December 2018

My name is Wayne and I will try and keep this brief.

In 2010 my life was normal and generally happy until I lost a multimillion dollar business, a professional business person most of my working life. This is the year my life slowly got ripped apart, I was made bankrupt for a very large sum of money, the family home and the family stability was gutted, everything I had built up over 20 years evaporated.

Finally I lost my marriage, but not my beautiful children!

I was needle dependant during my late teenage years and somehow pulled through and got on with life until 20…

22nd Aug 2017

I'm a couple days away from being back with my beautiful family. I left Shaman Orion's house and land today. I can't begin to tell you how deep we went into shifting my PTSD/whole entire reality!. Orion has changed my life and I feel full of love, gratitude, excitement, inner strength and most of all love for myself. I have also participated in making this change with every ounce of life I have in me. There is no half way. It's a decision we all have to make in life and when we make that decision we must follow through all the way. If we don't, we see the same old patterns re-emerging and…

Melbourne November 2017

When I decided to gather a few friends and head to New Mexico last September for Orion’s healing retreat, I knew that I felt as though my life was in a rut. I am a successful career person, good mom, wife, friend and daughter. I am always trying to be there for everyone and at times, I let doing things for myself take a back seat. I am also a two time cancer survivor. My second diagnosis came just a couple of months before the retreat was to begin. “Perfect!” I thought. “I can attend Orion’s retreat and focus on healing my body… ridding it of this stupid cancer.”

My friends…


Orion’s Healing Retreat was a life changer for me. To be clear, I was expecting a few tidbits of information and inspiration, but I was not expecting the radical clarity and direction I got.

What a great surprise! I will use a quote from one of Orion’s favorite books which sums up everything about the retreat for me: “Embraced by the tree, surrounded by infinite silence, by distance, she felt released from an invisible grip.” And this release occurred in a few days, not the few years it would have taken on my own.

Thanks for expediting my healing and ultimately helping…


Over a weekend (two sessions in the forest at Avoca Beach, NSW) Orion was able to help clear old emotional patterns which eventuated in a profound shift in my being.

After nearly two decades of feeling emotionally divorced from my self I am now operating from a completely different mode - one that comes from a spacious sense of presence rather than dominated by thought.

I am now experiencing life in a way which feels much more harmonious and natural. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is open to them.

Many thanks

November 2014

Shamanic Teacher

Orion is a genuine, heartfelt soul with so much wisdom and experience, along with a sound background knowledge from academic studies in metaphysics, human behaviour & neuroscience understanding. He is the real deal and creates a safe environment for people to heal and come together as tribe. My personal history has been trauma around family and safety, especially with men. Orion's course first and foremost centres around building a solid foundation for the group to build this sense of safety in community. His loyalty and respect to the teachings past down to him is very apparent…

20 Dec 2020

"When the student is ready, the Master appears." Buddhist Proverb

I can highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to learn of worldwide shamanic practices or for the personal expansion of their own consciousness. The course is a great balance of academic and practical modalities, this mix coupled with Orion's personality and experience creates a potent form of learning that is easy to digest and put into practice. It was clearly evident that as the course went on everyone in my class including myself experienced major shifts in self realization and spiritual growth in…

Berkeley Vale, NSW, June 2015

Being in this programme has been a journey in time and an experience of timelessness. We have walked the path of very ancient wise people, cultures, mythes and been touched by their souls. All this ancient knowledge is brought to "now" and to our consciousness, found within by self realization.

This is like seeing the universe within yourself through your experience of self exploration and by the unique readings of the program. Each module and its readings have been an opening to a different World in time and within.

In a synchronistical way, the program guided me through the…

Darwin and Istanbul, June 2015

Orion is a fantastic teacher. This course gives a grounded and practical introduction to the ancient world of shamanism. It gives you the tools to change your life and that of others. Stepping into your power isn't always an easy ride but Orion is a compassionate guide for transformation.

Warners Bay, New South Wales, May 2015

Orion has been my teacher on this spiritual path and guided me for the last year. Through this time my life changed dramatically into a new happy direction. From being a tired and frustrated mum I have found a way to embrace life and enjoy myself and my family. Orion gave me through his teachings a new way of looking at life and with his knowledge, wisdom, patience and understanding he helped me to be who I now am. I highly recommend the course of shamanic practitioner because I could not only see changes in me but also in the others who did the course. We all came out happier, more…

Balingup, Western Australia, May 2015

Orion is a powerful guide, ally and friend. He brings a vast wealth of knowledge as a teacher, strength as a healer and heart as an empathetic and sincere man. He and the Shamanic Practice course have offered a firm rock of support while I traversed difficult and complex paths in my own life, and has been key in helping me explore who and what I am not only as a healer, but as a community member of the world and complex human being.

Melbourne, Jan 2016

Shamanic Practice provides a powerful foundation for incorporating earth based ritual into our daily lives and healing journeys, and a strong cosmology to assist us in navigating our own path. It is a cherished journey into self, supported by the beauty of earth and community.

Somewhere along the line I had been overtaken by ego, fronting a face that was not mine and not true to my heart. With the support and strength of Orion, ritual guided me back to myself, to a connection with beauty and a connection with the land. Through the support of Orion and those who journeyed with me, I…

Palm Beach, Queensland, January 2016

This course is one that has offered me the foundations for both a personal and professional pathway in Shamanic Practice. It supported significant life changes and has laid the foundations for walking along the path of my soul's purpose (my path of heart).

I loved the content, the practical intensives and the balance of both men and women on this course; it provided a beautiful representation of feminine and masculine.

Orion, is a teacher who authentically shares the whole of himself as a Shaman and fellow traveler. Orion offers Shamanic wisdom and guidance throughout the…

Beechworth, Victoria, July 2016

Future Warrior

A must for any father and son relationship, a very heart felt experience.

Centtral Coast September 2012

Thanks for a great weekend up on the Chichester, I really went and sat with a part of myself I rarely do. The space that you created on the weekend allowed all of us to look a little deeper into ourselves in a safe and supported environment. The tools I learnt over the weekend are now firmly on the tool belt, ready to be called upon in everyday life. I realized over the weekend that I had let go of a few ideals that had been holding me back. Thanks for an insightful and nourishing weekend spent with some great men.

McClarenvale South Australia

Thanks again for a great, fulfilling weekend. After feeling somewhat drained and out of place on my immediate return home, I awoke on the Monday feeling invigorated and relaxed, despite the lack of sleep. I felt a lot lighter and easy going at work. My wife even commented on how much more less stressed and relaxed I appeared. The course was exactly what I needed and having gone in with no expectations came out extremely pleased with the results.

Empire Bay

This weekend of self discovery was a memorable experience for me. The challenging but enlightening nature of the weekend has provided me with some very effective tools to examine and understand a number of personal and professional issues with more clarity. The venue and the company made a special difference.


I would like to thank you for the wonderful weekend. This course was such an eye opener - or should I say heart opener.

I haven't felt so much clarity and totally at peace in my head and in my heart for a long time. A real breakthrough on my journey to be a better man.


A powerful, powerful weekend beautifully and effectively facilitated.

Central Coast, NSW

This is much more than just a course, it's an awakening.

Wahroonga Sydney

Thank you so much for our wonderfully skilled facilitation of last weekend’s Sacred Path.

One week on and I am seeing so much of what I discovered on camp playing out in everyday life.

It is quite amazing to be able to speak my story, truthfully, honestly and be empowered by it.

Thank you so much

Glenhaven, NSW

This has been by way and above the best ‘men away on their own’ trip I have ever been on thank to all who made it such a great experience and success.

The way I feel now I would say the following:

For a long time I found ‘valid’ reasons for not doing the course. Having just completed it I feel there is no reason strong enough to not undertake the course at the first opportunity. I answered so many questions about myself and feel empowered and looking forward to the road ahead with confidence.

Central Coast NSW

I highly recommend this weekend to anyone. It helped me discover myself & taught me to understand my own power & worth. Thank you Orion for making me a better man.

Central Coast NSW

Having spent a lot of time on the central coast over the years, Elebanah was definitely a surprise. The property is a true hidden gem - extraordinarily peaceful, yet undeniably alive with local wildlife. I couldn't think of a better place to escape the city for a few days.

Completing the Future Warrior course at Elebanah with Orion over the weekend has also been an enlightening and fulfilling experience I will carry with me for years to come. Highly recommended for men from all walks of life.

Kings Cross November 2016

Future Warrior is a priceless life changing experience that no words can describe, conducted at Elebanah - a most beautiful sanctuary!

The program is a wisely designed and effectively facilitated program. The content of the course, provided with stories in the beauty of Elebanah and around a Zen fire, is “true medicine”.

The words, even the ones I already have heard before, are more meaningful, richer and infusing when spoken by Orion and shared with other courageous men, while diving into my darkness and finding the light of my true self.

Darwin November 2016

Future Warrior ' is an inspiring journey of self discovery & personal growth that I cannot recommend highly enough to all men. Conducted at 'Elebanah', one of the most beautiful, peaceful locations on the central coast, a hidden gem. This weekend, I have been trying to partake in for a long time, and I'm so pleased I finally did. Truly life changing....much gratitude to Orion & all my other brothers.

Central Coast February 2017