28 Mar 22

I’ve attended counselling in the past and was given a diagnosis of PTSD by a psychologist due different traumas I’ve experienced- sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, mother wound. This developed into depression/anxiety and suicidal ideation. The last few years I have really worked on my inner self and tried to heal my traumas. Although counselling helped to a certain extent, I could always feel this deep sense of sadness inside me. A dark hole that I couldn’t get rid of. Depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts still fleeting around. After looking into Shamanic healing I am Grateful I came across Orion.

It’s hard to put into words exactly what I felt after the weekend of the Emergence Healing Retreat. I feel lighter, that the darkness that was in me is now lifted. I feel my soul has been cleansed of all the negative energy that was attached to it. I feel like a new person, I feel whole. A sense of calm and peace I’ve never had before. It was an honour to work with Orion and to receive all of his wisdom, kindness and love.

I have a new hope and fire for the future and I’m excited for my journey ahead.

I highly recommend Orion and his Emergence program.

Thank you again,