Rowena Jayne ND, Course graduate

20 Dec 2020

Orion is a genuine, heartfelt soul with so much wisdom and experience, along with a sound background knowledge from academic studies in metaphysics, human behaviour & neuroscience understanding. He is the real deal and creates a safe environment for people to heal and come together as tribe. My personal history has been trauma around family and safety, especially with men. Orion's course first and foremost centres around building a solid foundation for the group to build this sense of safety in community. His loyalty and respect to the teachings past down to him is very apparent without sacrificing the integrity, which is so refreshing in today's transient modern world. The rituals learned are easy to follow and practice is given to solidify the rituals and instil confidence in each shamanic practitioner in training. I use the rituals in my women's retreats & healings and they are so well received & powerful it continues to astound me! Being in the natural therapies industry for over 22 years, I have studied over 50 subjects from sound healing to yoga to Neuro emotional technique and so forth. As such I have been exposed to many different styles of teaching and courses. Orion has a solid structure, yet is highly intuitive in his approach which creates flexibility. His passionate dedication to this work is infectious and the groups love for this work continues to evolve module by module. I have brought many clients / friends to experience a day or two with us and everyone has been impressed - with some clients even signing on to do the practitioner course themselves. Shamanic healing is grass roots healing and so needed in our modern times more than ever. regardless of whether you wish to be a practitioner or not, I believe this course offers so much for the person also looking at self development. Each participant in our course year has transformed in big ways, myself included. It is one of the best things I have ever done and the course has catapulted some big changes, and as such all areas of my life have & still are flourishing in ways I am truly amazed by. If you are ready to heal, connect & find yourself, a community, the land and a sacred historical indigenous based healing 'modality' that changes your life then do not hesitate to sign up. You won't regret it, instead you will find depth, purpose, inner freedom, community and appreciation for life and all living things.