Orion has been my teacher on this spiritual path and guided me for the last year. Through this time my life changed dramatically into a new happy direction. From being a tired and frustrated mum I have found a way to embrace life and enjoy myself and my family. Orion gave me through his teachings a new way of looking at life and with his knowledge, wisdom, patience and understanding he helped me to be who I now am. I highly recommend the course of shamanic practitioner because I could not only see changes in me but also in the others who did the course. We all came out happier, more confident people. Orion, I can't thank you enough for being my guide on this path. You are a powerful healer and a great teacher. Throughout the course we have learnt potent rituals to heal ourselves and others, which bring the ancient wisdom of shamanic practice into our modern day lives in a well adapted way. Thank you Orion.

Balingup, Western Australia, May 2015